NAMESAKES: Interview w/Jen Wang

Jen Wang and Bob the Dog

Jewelry Designer // Home // Lower East Side

Jen is wearing our Malaika Jumpsuit (sold out)


Hi Jen and Bob! Thanks for having us over - what a view! What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen from these windows?

The most beautiful palette of pastel undergarments hung by the local Chinatown ladies.

Nice book collection. Do you have a favorite? Bob seems to dig the Turrell.

James Turrell is definitely the favorite and not because of that Drake video.

We’re in love with your jewelry line, Ming Yu Wang. When did you start the company? What made you want to transition into jewelry design?

I started this as a hobby a few years before I launched the collection in 2013. I really liked hand crafting a piece until it was ready. It was really satisfying for me to put in the time to make something with my hands. I started playing with the idea of sandwiching stones and I became obsessed with the look until it grew into a whole collection.

Would you say your personal style reflects your work? If so, how?

I like wearing minimal pieces with simple silhouettes but are still sophisticated. I love natural content like silk and cotton too. It's similar to my line since I use a lot of natural semi-precious stones.

Why did you choose this piece?

I love the high collar which was a rare find. It also makes a great work uniform for home.

If you could choose, what would be your namesake?

Potato chips. I just love them.

Thanks for having us, Jen and so nice to meet you Bob!!!







Posted on November 9, 2015 .